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Native Web Marketing offers Internet marketing, SEO Services for Native Business Websites
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Highly recommended reading by author
Calvin Helin

Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for Native American, First Nations and Aboriginal Business Websites

Is Your Native Business Website Ranked #1 For Your Keywords?

Location, location, location is the #1 factor for visitors to see the contents of your website. Internet marketing and search engine optimization are the vehicles to drive sales and success for your native business website. The bottom line to marketing and promoting your product or service is to get sales from your targeted traffic. Right?

New Google Canada head wants more web savviness...he wants to get Canadian businesses up to speed in taking advantage of the internet." read more here. If Canadians aren't up to speed, what speed are you up to?

"Erland provided our organization with great Internet advice and an excellent recommendation on software to use for promoting our business.

The use of the Email Software Program Mailloop improved our marketing productivity and reduced our marketing costs. We have direct experience in other areas where Erland has been an excellent resource."

Calvin Helin
Personal Law Corporation, Vancouver, B.C.

Empower your Native American, First Nations, Aboriginal business website with a professional Internet marketing and search engine optimization strategy now.

  • Market your native business website with Native Web Marketing 
  • Get high rankings in search engines for your keywords 
  • Target your market to achieve a successful campaign 

The Internet gives you power. Even the smallest of any native website can compete on a level playing field. You can market your products and services below typical advertising costs. Taking action? Want to reach a world-wide audience? Read on.

Discover what Internet marketing and SEO can do to generate traffic and convert sales for your Native Business Website now! The Internet is a powerful marketing tool. Take advantage of it while you still can.

Achieving high rankings in the top 10 of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in search engines gets your website noticed. High rankings in search engines is vital for visitors to see your business website in the top 10 of a Search Engine Results Page.

"Erland, thank you for your letter and the information about your native web marketing company. I agree, the Internet is a powerful tool to market and expand aboriginal and native tourism business opportunities."

Jim Antoine (ret.)
Minister of Resources,
Wildlife and Economic Development
Northwest Territories, Canada

The Internet is changing at a rapid rate. You need to know what those changes are. This is a definite advantage over your competitors.

Content is king. Whatever your product or service, search engines love websites with rich written content. It's food to the search engine spiders. Feed them with great content. Focus on your targeted keywords. Searchers are using these keywords to find your website.

Your Internet marketing strategy gets you repeat visitors leading to sales. Make your visitors to feel welcome when they come to your website. Let them know you have a great product or service that they want. Make your site easy to navigate. Be clear in your written content. Create a call to action!

Having a search engine friendly website with an Internet marketing strategy has a far greater reach than conventional advertising media does, and less expensive!

So feel free to send me an email for any questions at my contact page. Thank you!

Erland Campbell


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