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AFN NEXUS Conference 2002 Kahnawake, Quebec
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Calvin Helin

Marketing, Promoting & Empowering First Nations to Market The World

July 17, 2002 
Written by: Erland Campbell (unedited)

AFN - NEXUS Conference 2002- Speaking Notes

Elders, honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen, entrepreneurs, tansi, bonjour and good morning. I wish to thank Calvin Helin for inviting me to speak here today on the subject of Internet marketing. It's a great honour to be here, among distinguished Aboriginal business leaders of Canada. Having attended the conference last year in Halifax, it provided me with additional inspiration to contribute to the Aboriginal community of Canada. Our contribution is what we have gained by investigating Internet marketing for over two years.
Those of you, who met me last year, are aware of my enthusiastic desire and commitment to familiarize the Aboriginal community in Canada with the benefits of Internet marketing. The global reach of the Internet to market and promote Aboriginal products, services, culture, and tourism, is a tremendous vehicle to generate economic development. With an immeasurable worldwide audience, the Internet has a far greater scope than conventional advertising media and has empowered even the smallest of businesses with the ability to market their products and services at below typical advertising costs.
Since The Big Bang or The Industrial Revolution, there has not been an explosive force in history comparable to the Internet. Communication is instant. Connectivity is expanding. The world has indeed become a smaller place. Increasingly, online business sites enter the World Wide Web everyday seeking visitors and sales. The competition is fierce! The big question is how do you promote your business? How do you promote it effectively? The task for any Aboriginal business in marketing its products or services to a regional or global market is made easier by visiting NativeWebMarketing.com. Most of the work has been done for your benefit.
A thorough search on the Internet shows we are the first to offer such service to First Nations in Canada. We made telephone calls, sent emails to well known Internet marketers and they were supportive and enthusiastic!
Understanding the Industry
The structure of the Internet marketing industry is evolving at a tremendous rate. Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are mainly offered by small businesses.
Jupiter Media Metrix - an Internet analysis resource website - recently published on their website that search engine marketing is now a successful advertising model and a powerful tool in bringing traffic to a website. "Jupiter Media Metrix is the first firm to do this," says search engine editor Danny Sullivan, owner of searchenginewatch.com.
Forester Research's report dated March 2001 noted that search engines are the top resource 85% that consumers use to find websites." This report is pivotal in validating this marketing strategy, which is implemented by Internet marketers and search engine specialists.
Analysts can now attach a value to search engine marketing. This indicates that Internet and search engine marketing is a service in demand. Those who understand this vital aspect of Internet marketing will be the ones enjoying success.
We all know that the Internet is growing at an incredible speed. Canada is one of the most connected countries in the world and if we want to compete with the United States, we must act quickly! The 2001 Report of the Canadian E-Business Roundtable mention that while Canadians are talking about e-business, they are not engaging in it, and that sales and marketing will be the driving force to do more to catch up with the Americans. The report stresses that Canadian businesses are too complacent and that in order to be successful, the Internet becomes more significant than ever.
A 2001 International Data Corporation (IDC Canada) report about a Canada - U.S. comparison indicates that U.S. organizations are more optimistic than Canada when it comes to doing business on the Internet. In 2000, U.S. Small to Medium Businesses (SMB's), had 10% of their revenues generated from Internet sales, while the Canadian ones were at 2%. 2001 saw Canada grow to 3%, while the U.S. grew to 17%. While Canada is behind the U.S., there is still growth. These indicators give us incentive to provide valuable Internet marketing services to Aboriginals across Canada, Nunavik, the Northwest Territories, and around the world.
Internet marketing will be the main factor in determining a successful online business. Huge growth companies always develop a long-term marketing strategy, and stay with it. No matter what product or service a business wants to sell, there will always be a market for it. With the Internet, any business can reach potential customers from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Never has it been so easy to reach so many people.
Internet marketing requires keeping up to date with new marketing strategies that can change overnight. Reading, learning, studying, and above all, constant testing is what Internet marketers do on a daily basis. Equipped with tools for your business, we want your business to achieve its goals.
Strengthened with powerful Internet marketing affiliations, EC Web Marketing has proven methods implemented by some the Internet’s leading marketers, search engine optimizers, web designers, and sales strategists. These methods can elevate and empower First Nations - Aboriginal businesses to market their products and services effectively.
Future of the Industry
Market analyses of Internet usage, where it is going, who is buying, how much businesses are spending on advertising, and statistics on the financial growth of the Internet are available at various websites that study Internet usage.
A report dated February 6, 2002 by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the MSN® network of Internet services from Microsoft Corporation, and Marketing evolution researcher Rex Briggs announced, after a yearlong investigative research about online advertising, that Internet marketing is a proven and powerful complement to traditional forms of advertising. Their compiled quantitative results clearly indicate growth.
Rich LeFurgy - founder and Chairman of the Board of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) - in an interview given to MSN Internet Insight states, "Well the good news about the online advertising industry is that more and more traditional advertisers are coming online and really learning what online marketing can do for them.
It’s looking like online advertising is going to be the fastest growing medium in history." He reiterates by saying, "I’m absolutely optimistic about the future. This is the fastest growing medium, surprising everybody from right out of the gate. Some people continue to say the Internet’s not that important. But anything that uses that much of an audiences’ time, at that level of interactivity and passion, has only got further to go in terms of getting a bigger share of the media pie."
William A. Sahlan - Professor of Business Administration at Harvard University - states: “The information service industry is beyond attractive: its gorgeous”.
Today's Preparation Determines Tomorrow's Achievement
As First Nations communities become more connected, the time is now to harness the power of the Internet to promote what we have to offer to the world. The competitive edge we will gain by implementing Internet marketing strategies will increase website traffic and sales, thus generating more financial activity for us and the Canadian economy.
I would like to take a moment to relate a story from an Internet marketing affiliate - his name is Michael Campbell - we are not related.
He writes: "40 miles outside Regina, Saskatchewan, in the dirty 1930's, my grandmother loved it when the First Nations people visited her farm. She could see them with their wagon, coming up the dirt road from miles away.
Everything on the farm came to a halt, as she traded eggs, butter and cheese, for smoked fish and warm winter moccasins. Sometimes the Cree or Assiniboins - as she called them - visited up to 10 farms in a single day.
Fast forward 75 years later, not much has changed. People are still people, they have much the same values and needs. They will trade with you, because they like you, if you're honest, if you have a quality product and a fair deal.
What has changed is the size of the market, thanks to the Internet. No longer are we restricted to visiting 10 farms per day. There are 50 million people online, waiting to trade with you. How would you like to show 50 million people the contents of your wagon?
The Internet virtually eliminates all barriers of religion, race, color, or size of business. You can compete with anyone on any level.
Only in this space, could the small business, or individual take the advantage. Being able to adapt, switch gears and go where the emerging markets are.
So many fortunes have been made on the Internet. My question to everyone is, what's stopping you from making your fortune, or at least making a comfortable living online?
Don't worry if there are already a lot of people doing it. Remember, no one else is you. No one else sees the world, quite the same way that you do. You have your own gifts and God given talents.
Learn all you can from the masters. Apply what you've learned. Start with one small step tomorrow, persevere, never give up, and the future will be brighter than ever. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world.
All my best,"
Michael Campbell - Author of Nothing but 'Net and Clickin' it Rich.
Another highly respected search engine specialist writes:
"Today is a great day and I wish I could be there with Erland and you as you learn just the tip of the iceberg of what power the Internet can put into the hands of all the Aboriginal people of Canada.
I know from personal experience just how much time and effort Erland has put into learning and sharing just what the net has to offer. My finest hope is that today you begin a journey that can change the future for the better".
Bob Massa CEO
SearchKing, Inc.
There are other marketing affiliates on NativeWebMarketing.com's website with such quotes directed to all of you. These affiliates are some of the Internet's highly respected marketers that I highly recommend. They are the ones I learned Internet marketing from.
Aboriginal Tourism = Big Business
Tourism businesses owned by First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people of Canada are part of Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada's strategy to capitalize on the potential billion-dollar industry. In 1999, Aboriginal tourism employed about 12,000 people in Canada. Aboriginal tourism generated about $250 million in 1999, and is expected to reach the $1.9 billion mark in 10 years.
There are growing number of Aboriginal tourism, hunting and fishing businesses owned or operated by First Nations. Using the Internet as a direct marketing channel, Aboriginal tourism businesses can promote themselves. Each province has its own tourism association and most of the tourism businesses are on reserves, fostering economic development for their communities. Europeans are flocking to them. Elders on reserves are also an important factor in developing tourism to ensure cultural authenticity.
With an annual growth rate between 15% and 25%, aboriginal tourism and the economic spin-off to reserves is positive. For example, right now we are working with Notigi Portage Outfitters, a moose-hunting business in Nelson House, Manitoba and are optimizing their website, notigi.com, with rich keyword content, adjusting the meta tags (which search engine software look for - called spiders), incorporating a merchant account to accept credit cards, and will be submitting the website to the major engines shortly. We keep in constant contact with the manager, Leonard Linklater, working together to gain maximum exposure for the site. At this very minute, Notigi is building more cabins to accommodate more hunters. It's an inspiration for any First Nation reserve to get busy, support local entrepreneurs and create new economic opportunities.
Strengthened by the increased awareness of Internet marketing, and facilitated by the necessary tools, we have studied these trends and where they are going. All numbers point up, way up!
Our philosophy is to help Aboriginal businesses buy a service they understand they need, and to inform them that it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
EC Web Marketing’s service doesn't cost, it pays! Benefits, value, and clearly defined strategies to promote your business by generating visitors and sales are our main concern.
Internet marketing is paramount for any business. Strategic positioning of any online business on the Internet translates into visitors and sales.
Please visit NativeWebMarketing.com and investigate how Internet marketing works while providing various strategies, tools, and up to date information to promote your business.
To build an effective web presence, Testing is the key. A successful Internet marketing campaign must be implemented on a daily basis.
Systemized search engine and keyword tracking for specific services such as moose hunting is essential to gain exposure on the Internet. For example, a hunter in Texas doing a search to hunt moose in Canada would type into a search engine browser, "moose hunting Canada". NativeWebMarketing.com wants all of the first 20 sites that come up to be aboriginal businesses.
We will review your web design and marketing strategy because we know what a website requires for the visitor to stay and further investigate the product or service. Your success is important to us.
Our Mission
Poised to become the first aboriginal Internet marketing service for First Nations in Canada, WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS!
The mission of EC Web Marketing is: "To provide an Internet marketing consulting service to First Nations tourism, hunting - fishing businesses, and any online businesses' products and services to help them achieve success."
There are new techniques in search engine positioning. And we want you to benefit from the latest and newest "tricks of the trade".
Our contacts with affiliate Internet marketers are another means of increasing presence on the Internet. When established and well known Internet marketers discover a new way of marketing or something that is interesting, they promote it. This is called viral marketing, and it spreads like wildfire on the Internet.
Affiliate Programs
An affiliate program is when a banner or text link is placed on your website. It can be a product such as a software program, an e-book, or a service. When a visitor clicks on it, it is tracked and if someone buys that product or service, you get a referral fee.
Affiliate programs are more commonly used online businesses in the United States than in Canada.
Forrester Research predicts affiliate programs will represent 20%, or 53 billion, of e-commerce sales in the U.S. by 2005. To learn more about them, visit our website at NativeWebMarketing.com.
We believe in trust. In maintaining trustful business relationships, there is a greater exchange of relevant ideas, in finding solutions and clarifying goals. Availability to answer questions or to improve things quickly is an opportunity to learn how to increase the value of our service.
Our target market is First Nation's eco-tourism, hunting and fishing online businesses across Canada, the United States, South America and Australia. Also targeted are businesses that promote other related activities such as arts & crafts, canoe and snowshoe artisans, as well other aspects of aboriginal life.
With the growing awareness of aboriginal tourism, the Internet is the key for success for those businesses to present themselves to the world with minimal cost.
Aboriginal people are online, which is a sign that we are reaching out to the world to have visitors come to investigate these lovers of our land and its wildlife.
See you at the top!
Meegwitch, merci, & thank you! Egoma!

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