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FAQs - Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
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Calvin Helin

What kind of strategies are there for marketing and promoting my website?

  • Submitting your web site to search engines and directories 
  • Placing your website on classified ads (online and offline) and bulletin boards 
  • Networking with other websites and businesses 
  • Link exchanges with websites that gives your site more exposure 
  • Joint ventures with businesses where you both benefit 
  • Press releases are great when you offer a new product or service or for promoting your new website 
  • Using paid and free advertising on top search engines 
  • Affiliate programs to generate added income to your website 
  • Writing and selling an e-book on your expertise

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO for short, is how your website is written with keywords specific to your product or service. The search engines (SEs) look at your site's coding and its relevancy with your keywords. To get rank high, write your content targeting your customers and write for the search engines as well.

The search engine robots (spiders - software) look for specific things on a website such as your H1 tags, meta tags, keyword density and the content. They analyze links pointing to your web site to determine their quality and rankings.

The SE robots also seek out new websites and websites that make changes. They crawl or spider your website, so analyzing your log files is important.

Each search engine has different criteria for a website to get high rankings. Google uses link popularity, Yahoo! implements google's results for link popularity and looks at the Title, Description, and Keywords in your meta tags, MSN looks at the meta tags and and themed content. To see what other directories and search engines require. Click here.

What Do I Have to Do and What do I Need?

  • A product or service that people want
  • A pre-qualified targeted market
  • A well designed web site with rich, focused and relevant content
  • Software to automate your business
  • An Internet marketing course to train your staff
  • Tracking software to monitor your Web site position in the search engines
  • Checking your log files and monitoring your web site traffic
  • A newsletter to build a customer base
  • A toll-free phone number for instant customer contact
  • An in house Internet marketer

Website Basics:

  • Rich website content
  • Optimized meta tags reflecting your website content
  • Link popularity for high rankings in google
  • Keyword density in your written content (copy)
  • Email marketing for your email contact

As you can see, there are many of ways to promote your website. Having a strategic plan is vital.

Build your Website for Search Engines and your Customers:

Search engines love clean basic HTML Web sites. Search engine robots (spiders) have trouble crawling through websites that use alot of Java Script, Flash, or Frames. Basic HTML is what they like so they can find there way through your rich content.

Optimize your Web site using the right keywords and density. Your meta tags have to be written well so search engine spiders can understand what your pages are about. The content must be rich, fresh, compelling!

Making the site easy for people to navigate is very important! Some web sites are very confusing and you can get lost in them, so make it easy for your visitors and the robots.

Customer service includes having an email auto responder to follow up on potential customers that are interested in your product or service. Responding quickly to email inquiries is vital for a potential sale. Having a toll free telephone number helps because there is immediate communication. Internet users are compulsive buyers. Keep them interested by responding quickly!

Good luck!