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Understanding The Basics of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
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Understanding The Basics of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Bonjour, tansi, and welcome to my workshop on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  This presentation will focus on the importance for all Aboriginal (tourism) websites to be optimized for the major search engines (Google, MSN, Alltheweb, Excite, Altavista, etc) and directories (Yahoo, Open Directory Project (Dmoz.org).

Emphasis will be on Search Engine Optimization and the basic aspects of this process.  I will explain a step-by-step formula to establish your Internet marketing plan for your new or existing website and provide detailed information on how search engines and directories work to achieve high rankings and how to maintain those rankings.

We will cover the following points:

1. Defining and targeting your market on the Internet

• A new target marketing tool will be introduced
• How to define your niche market on the Internet
• Attendees will be invited to analyze their competition’s ranking

2. Choosing a domain name

• How to choose a domain name
• Where to buy a domain name
• How keywords in a domain name can help rankings

3. Performing keyword research

• How to perform keyword research
• Which software you need to use to achieve the best results
• How to organize your keywords to write or modify your content

4. Writing or modifying the copy (content) of your website

• Use effective headlines
• Use action verbs to “create a call to action”
• Placement and location of your keywords and keyword density (frequency) on your web pages

5. Website design

• How to design a clean and simple website
• Why easy navigation helps to keep your visitors stay longer - make it ‘sticky’
• Where to put graphics and content
• Designing for different screen resolutions

6. Titles and Meta Tags

• Explanation of Title, Description and Keywords <meta tags>, and how they work
• Where to place your keywords in them
• What search engines look for in <meta tags>

7. How Search Engines work

• Explanation of search engine algorithms and search engine spiders (robots)
• What happens when a search engine crawls (visits) your website

8. Submitting your website to Search Engines

• How, where and when to submit
• Paid submissions explained
• How to know when your site has been indexed

9. Submitting your website to Directories

• Description of directories
• Finding directories for your niche market and the costs
• Which directories to submit your website to

10. Link Popularity & Page Rank

• Explanation of how link popularity (links pointing to your website) in google
• How to get links pointing to your website
• Some attendees will have the opportunity to see links pointing to their sites
• How link popularity affects page ranking in google

11. Website Log File Analysis

• Explanation of log file analysis (history of visitors to your website) and the importance of it
• How to analyze your log files to optimize your website
• Some ISPs (Internet Service Provider) use log analysis software to provide you with statistical data on visitors, if yours does not, how to get your own

12. Tracking of your website rankings in search engines

• The need to track your website rankings and the software that can track them automatically on the different search engines
• Explanation of tracking and why it is important